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Custom Services

We understand the roots of running a complex and intense operations like housekeeping. Hence, hospitality industry leaders understands that they spend 40% - 60% of their time and money handling housekeeping issues and much of that is staffing related challenges alone…overtime, workers comp., no calls-no shows, training issues, benefits, budget controls and expectation, deep cleaning, QA/Audit Season, short staffing, unsatisfactory guest feedback rating, accountability, HR issues, etc….Believe us, We know all about those OMG moments!

In our world, No Glove Fits All! Your business and operations are unique and special. We will always treat them as such. Our core expertise is understanding the roots of running a complex and intense operations like housekeeping allows us carefully design a module that will successfully take the burden off our partners so they can focus more on elevating their respective guest experience.

Aqua Green Hospitality Services Areas of Expertise

  • Hotel & Resort Housekeeping
  • Vacation Rental Housekeeping
  • Retail / Commercial Housekeeping
  • Corporate Housing Housekeeping
  • Staffing Service Solutions
  • Floor Care Services
  • Training
  • Consultations
  • Independent Quality Assurance Auditing

Solutions tailored to your business

Staffing Service

We understand the competitive workforce market you are in so we just don’t recruit to find bodies. We study and research your area and come with a creative plan and walk in with talents in your doors. We don’t wait for applicants to come in, we come to them even if this means we have to go an extra mile.

  • Housekeepers
  • Room Inspectors/Supervisors
  • Houseman / Guest Runners
  • Janitorial / Custodial Services
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Night time cleaning
  • General Maintenance
  • Specialty positions

Corporate Housekeeping Training, Consultation & Quality Assurance Auditing

Hotel and hospitality continue to demand improvements especially in rooms division’s financial and quality standards. Our experienced team will analyze your challenges and assist you where you can enhance the reputation and improve profitability. This includes secret shopping you and performing a quality assurance audit of your property.


Floor Care

No matter how clean your room is but if floor is dirty; it’s game over! We will help you save financially in your fabric capital investment. Our floor care technicians are properly trained and certified in all cleaning and restoring methods for any type of flooring surfaces.


Turn-Key Operations

We will assume responsibility of your hardest to manage department, Housekeeping to save you time, energy and money. This will give you an opportunity in focusing on elevating your guest experience. This includes embracing and adopting your culture and standards, even wearing your uniforms standards.


Deep Cleans

Our detailed annual and semi-annual maintenance clean will help you give your rooms a fresh start and reduce the appearance of wear and tear on floors, fabric and appliances. We will get your rooms up to the highest standards possible. Our maintenance crew can also make sure that small problems do not become major problems in the long run.